2018 Junior Club Sailing (Aug-18)

2018 Junior Club Sailing (Aug-18)

Saturday 18th August, 2018

@ Grassholme Reservoir

Junior Sailing

Duty Allocations


Event attendees

(Note: only allocated attendees will appear here – this has to be done by Administration after you have entered your request!)

Toby Waggett     Holiday/away this session
Grace Bell     Holiday/away this session
Alice Bell     Holiday/away this session
Oliver Waggett     Holiday/away this session
Rory Yeowart     Confirmed (F3)
Ellie Wheeler     Confirmed (F3)
Francesca Lundie     Confirmed (F3)
Jasmine Blakeman     Confirmed (F3)
Ben Lovatt     Confirmed (F3)
Ellie Bowman     Confirmed (F3)
Thomas Blenkiron     Confirmed (F3)
Charlotte Blenkiron     Confirmed (F3)
Marshall Gibson     Confirmed (F3)
Cian Tynan     Confirmed (F3)
Esme Brien     Confirmed (F3)
George Anderson ll     Confirmed (F3)
Max Yeowart     Confirmed (F3 plus)
Fin Goodman     Confirmed (F3 plus)
Reuben Gilhespy     Confirmed (F3 plus)
James Blakeman     Confirmed (F3 plus)
Isobel Machan     Confirmed (F3 plus)
Jessica Lovatt     Confirmed (F3 plus)
Annabell Lovatt     Confirmed (F3 plus)
Poppy Ridgway     Confirmed (F3 plus)
George Anderson     Confirmed (F3 plus)
Jack Bowman     Confirmed (F3 plus)