2018 Junior Club Sailing (Jul-07)

2018 Junior Club Sailing (Jul-07)

Saturday 7th July, 2018

09:30 (F3) and 13:30 (F3 plus)
@ Grassholme Reservoir

F3 and F3-plus Clubs

Junior Sailing
F3 – All places booked – reserve list being created F3 plus – All places booked – reserve list being created  
=================NOTICE================ Our two sail clubs start next Saturday (7th July) with the F3 scheduled to commence at 09:30 and the F3-plus at 13:30 (at the latest). If you are unable to attend please can you email sail@tdswc.org.uk as soon as possible. Some important additional points to note: 1 Only the named juniors will be allowed on the water during scheduled club times. This is to enable adequate equipment (sailing gear and boats) being available for club participants and for proper safety cover to be provided. We do not want to be short of a craft or have to supply safety cover for water users who are not scheduled to be on the water. 2 Please bring a water bottle, sun cream, a change of clothes and a towel plus some lunch. As the weather is likely to be warm and (hopefully dry) you might also like to bring a chair/rug to use by the waterside. 3 An Officer of the Day (OOD) will be appointed for each session and that person will decide (in conjunction with the instructors) who is allowed on the water and when. The OOD is the primary point of contact for questions, suggestions and queries and, for the first session, the OOD will be myself and I will be sorting out any paperwork from 09:30. 4 Our first sessions will be particularly hectic as we will have 24 junior participants (spread over the two clubs), parents, instructors, safety boat operatives and other volunteers. This takes a lot of planning and organisation. 5 Unless asked to assist with a task, please give the instructors space to instruct – we have a limited amount of space on the shore and beach area. 6 NEW Please note that is a condition that a parent or an appointed responsible adult remains on site whilst the F3 clubs are in progress. I think that’s it for now so fingers crossed for a successful start of the two junior clubs on Saturday. Tony Merry  

Duty Allocations

OOD Tony Merry
DI Imogen Clay
DI Paul Davison
SDI Richard Hewitt
DI James Hewitt

Event attendees

(Note: only allocated attendees will appear here – this has to be done by Administration after you have entered your request!)

Jack Edgar     Cancelled
Ben Lovatt     Holiday/away this session
Grace Bell     Holiday/away this session
Alice Bell     Holiday/away this session
Isobel Machan     Holiday/away this session
Jessica Lovatt     Holiday/away this session
Annabell Lovatt     Holiday/away this session
Poppy Ridgway     Holiday/away this session
Jack Bowman     Holiday/away this session
Ellie Bowman     Holiday/away this session
Esme Brien     Holiday/away this session
Rory Yeowart     Confirmed (F3)
Ellie Wheeler     Confirmed (F3)
Francesca Lundie     Confirmed (F3)
Toby Waggett     Confirmed (F3)
Jasmine Blakeman     Confirmed (F3)
Thomas Blenkiron     Confirmed (F3)
Charlotte Blenkiron     Confirmed (F3)
Marshall Gibson     Confirmed (F3)
Max Yeowart     Confirmed (F3 plus)
Finn Goodman     Confirmed (F3 plus)
Oliver Waggett     Confirmed (F3 plus)
Reuben Gilhespy     Confirmed (F3 plus)
James Blakeman     Confirmed (F3 plus)
Cian Tynan     Confirmed (F3 plus)