2016 NEYTS – bacon butties and cake win the day again!

Posted on June 20, 2016 7:56 am

2016 NEYTS – bacon butties and cake win the day again!

The North. Words that have struck fear into Politicians and Economists since Cromwell.

At Grassholme however, ‘from the North’ means fickle winds, descending from the Folly Top and confusing themselves across the reservoir before heading off to shrivel potato plants in Lincolnshire.

Saturday was our annual hosting of the North East Youth Travellers Series and, of course, the infamous bacon butties and abundant supply of cakes.

Prior years had seen gales, hail storms, calms turning the reservoir to glass, and occasionally, sympathetic winds. The forecast however, steadfastly refused to accommodate, and after much juggling of buoys, a less than ideal course was set for the dozen visiting youngsters’ boats.

Two races ran before lunch, the second gut wrenchingly difficult to finish in the still air and hot sunshine.

Lots of grumbling preceded a slightly improved situation after lunch. I chauffeured a coach around the back markers, giving advice and encouragement from the Dory while an RYA photographer fought to extract thrill shots for the record.

Three races were eventually completed, two more than the becalmed Ripon leg last week.

Well done to the novices from Durham Schools combined Cadet Force, an important element of Teesdale’s Club membership. The wrong shaped balls for most private schools’ support, but perhaps an opportunity for marker-buoy manufacturers?

Sunday’s weather was good, with a handful of non-father’s day beneficiaries’ buddy sailing. This is where competent(ish) helms watch out for each other in the absence of powerboat safety cover.

Our resident heroine Joyce Jackson parachuted in to manage three races- thanks Joyce. Not quite enough breeze to catapult James and me in the overloaded Vago past the three bulimics, but a lot of fun none the less, with a Hewitt, Hewitt, Tubbs podium. Bet Fred’s odds are predictable at Grassholme.

Utass waterfight Wednesday, Staindrop Scouts Sunday. Dissolves the Meldrew in me, every time.

Chris Dauber

2016 NEYTS Results