A great day on the water – Sunday 9th August

Posted on August 13, 2020 8:34 am

A great day on the water – Sunday 9th August

Well we are into August and in case you have not been to the club yet this year there is life and activity at Grassholme. Today in a pleasant easterly breeze we had a total of nine boats on the water, with seven taking part in three races during the afternoon. Yes, the trek from boat park to launch area is a bit daunting, but the contractors working on the dam have levelled a track for us, and the dry weather means that underfoot conditions have improved considerably. There even seemed to be less mud in the shallow water where we launch, or is that just me getting used to it. Once afloat the water is as good as ever, a little narrower than before, but today’s easterly gave a spinnaker run of over a mile, with a gruelling beat back for those who decided to visit the top end of the lake. Keith and John did it a number of times.

The afternoon racing divided into two head to head competitions. James and Mark battled round the square course for line honours. In race one Mark, having trailed for the whole of the race used a lifter to give James a surprise and almost sneaked through on the last beat. I am not sure which was the louder, the exasperated shout of “Oh no!” when James saw his lead disappearing or his gasp of relief as he held on to cross first.

The other head to head was between Richard and Ian racing in two club Picos. Richard got the better in race one, but poor starts in the next two races gave the initiative to Ian. It was an advantage that he was not about to relinquish and try as he might Richard could not get past. So Ian took the honours two to one. Neck and neck racing in identical boats was such good fun that both sailors agreed that next year we should have a Pico competition.

Keith and John in the Miracle were always in the mix and fast especially with the spinnaker up, and Levant is improving steadily, but the dark horse, as always nowadays, was Toby in his Optimist. He is always there on the start line, and although his boat is a slow one, and he soon gets left behind, he sails it so well that when the handicaps are calculated one can bet he will there or thereabouts. We await the results with bated breath.

So if you are thinking of going to the club for a sail, do. You will be most welcome. The clubhouse and changing rooms are open (with Covid measures in place) only the galley remains closed. With only a little less water than usual the club is about as normal as one could expect in these abnormal times.

Thanks to Deborah for being the OOD and Steve for running a safety boat.

RNH 9/8/20