Absentee members miss first sighting of the Supernova

Posted on September 27, 2015 12:01 am

Absentee members miss first sighting of the Supernova

‘Supernova’ sounded to me like a pimped 1980s Vauxhall, but it transpires that it is in fact a modern single handed dinghy dating from the ‘90’s.

Paul arrived exhibiting his new toy like it could have been his firstborn. Three tentative sails through the day and not a single capsize despite the fully battened eight square meters overhead. Wait until it keeps you awake at night though Paul!

Sunday was forecast pleasant with very light winds, so the mirror image of Kirk Carrion on Grassholme’s surface first thing threatened to frustrate any sailing. However, a gentle breeze built through the day giving a very pleasant, if undemanding, time for all.

With the team from Durham School racking up successes in the Southport Regatta, and a glut of family birthdays to respect, turnout was expected to be low despite the unseasonable sunshine. Eight boats took to the water but light winds and learners prohibited any racing.

For only the second time we saw the launch of Mike & Vicky’s Post Boat. As the name implies, this large, sturdy, gaff rigged boat was the workhorse of Pat’s aquatic uncle in Ullapool. Bilge keels, incredible stability and slab reefs that could handle a hurricane; a thing of great beauty but not something you can trapeze off!

Good to see three family members, mother, son and daughter, all going solo on the water; Libby and Izzy in Pico and Oppie, while Adam had a play with the club Laser. He handled this Olympic class boat with consummate ease in the light winds and I think he is hooked. However, this is a demanding craft in higher winds. I know, I have spent a lot of time climbing back into one!

Winter draws on even though the current high is to stick into next weekend. There is however, still pleasure to be had on water, and plenty of time for Paul to attend a christening!

Chris Dauber