All I want for Christmas is a longer stick!

Posted on April 17, 2017 8:54 am

All I want for Christmas is a longer stick!

A cool and uninviting weekend on Grassholme isn’t enough to deter the obsessed water-farer.

Whilst Saturday was advertised as an open session, the gales from the west put pay to any wind-powered excursions, but provided a perfect playground for powerboat practice.

To handle a 70HP safetyboat in light winds, on static water is easy. In 30 knot gusts, ‘tide’ and waves, a rescue situation, real or contrived, sorts the boys from the men. Or the women as it turned out.

Rosie had only a couple of hours previous experience, and yet within less time than it took to turn my fingers blue, she had the boat airborne on the ‘shout’ and alongside the ‘casualty’ in complete control before I had climbed back off the floor. If you think it sounds easy, ask Trevor for an opinion, just don’t ask Rosie how exciting it was.

Sunday promised light winds, high winds, sun, rain and sleet.

We didn’t get the sleet but it was chilly. At least it would have been chilly, were it not for the gymnastics needed to stay on the water and not in it.

Two Miracles battled for first place, with helms Keith and James neck and neck for much of the races. When Mother Nature powered up after lunch, the Phantom and Vago really struggled whilst Dave, in a club Pico, fared better.

A cocky comment in hells corner however, preceded a very satisfying splash with accompanying facials. Wrong I know, but pleasurable!

I am pretty sure Dave will have the last laugh however, as Pico’s have been re-classified as aquatic sloths in this year’s handicaps, meaning he could have waited for next week’s sunshine before getting afloat, and still won the race.

Fingers no longer blue? Time to get back out there!

Chris Dauber