At last CD slays the final Vago demon

Posted on May 20, 2018 7:20 pm

At last CD slays the final Vago demon

It just keeps getting better.

The last few years at Grassholme have had unpromising starts, with either gale force winds or generally unattractive climate through April and May. After a cool start we are now getting perfect conditions for amateur racing, and to cap it all, the water has warmed up a few degrees too.

Not that it matters, because despite ten boats racing a crossing, three gybe course, there was only one capsize all day and Chris claimed it was because he was ‘overheating’.

Members of the jury, consider the likelihood of this tale.

After a slow start while the weeks trailer disasters were recounted, the new club Topper was rigged, (so named because it could be put on top of a car), in order that William could practice stern sheeting. A bit like getting into a left hand drive car for the first time – if you reach for the gear lever where it should be, the door opens and you fall out, you just get wetter in this case.

Three races after lunch with some close manoeuvring on the start line.

A couple of years ago, if there was more than one competitor within thirty seconds of the line when the flag dropped we would probably have had to declare a false start. Now things are much more aggressive, but in a nice way.

I think the finish was the predictable Anthony, James then ChrisB, except for the race where he needed cooling down, where I think I pipped the Bahia with Dave, Paul and young visitor.

Results on the website.
Not that I really care, having slain the final Vago demon; simultaneous Solo, Spinnaker and trapeze. If you think it looks easy on you-tube, come and have a go. You can always say you were ‘overheating’.