Bahia takes centre stage as Icebreaker series is cancelled due to the weather!

Posted on April 7, 2015 11:08 am

Bahia takes centre stage as Icebreaker series is cancelled due to the weather!

What a glorious start Sunday provided to the sailing year.

The early races are traditionally called the ‘Icebreaker series’ for what would seem obvious reasons. However, with temperatures soaring into the high teens at Grassholme, shorts and tee-shirts would have been more appropriate than the Woolly-bear thermals found in everyone’s kit bag.

With light winds forecast and family commitments, the turnout for Sunday was less than the preparation days of the previous weekends, but those who took to the water returned happy to have made the effort.

Much attention was paid to the newest addition to the Club’s growing hire fleet, a Laser Bahia purchased with support from Sport England.

The Bahia is a large modern boat, capable of holding four adults in relative comfort. It has a rig big enough to provide the thrills, including a big red asymmetric spinnaker, or kite, but is relatively stable even in a blow. Sunday’s force 1-2 was never going to overexcite the crews and much time was spent familiarising members with controls and sensitivities including a trial capsize.

Deliberately tipping a boat over involves hanging onto the mast and casting your spare kilos as far out as possible. It should also involve checking your drysuit zip is fully closed, but hey ho, we always forget something first time out.

Do you remember those geography lessons where we were told that land warms up much faster than water? Or the physics of water accelerating through gaps? With many of our younger members focussing on revision over the next couple of months, I do wonder if they should be arguing for the practical application of learning, as it creates a far more lasting impression!

May 3rd is our first ‘Sail experience’ day, open to anyone wanting to give sailing a go. With only 2 of the 6 places left, you need to get in quickly to book – our June date is already booked out!

Chris Dauber
(the bloke standing in the boat!)