Bart’s Bash

Posted on September 21, 2014 12:00 am

Bart’s Bash

With half of the club members away, we still manage 10 boats on the water!

On Friday I poured nearly £200 of diesel into the works van for a delivery to the Home Counties and I mused during its consumption that a smaller sum would have bought a year’s membership and boat hire at Teesdale Sailing club. Fourteen hours staring at tail lights on the M1 or 340 hours bobbing, pottering or screaming around the beautiful Grassholme reservoir. I think sailing wins on tax avoidance alone, ignoring the karma/adrenalin computation.

Sunday saw another nautical nirvana, (sunshine & moderate wind), but with many members and Durham School Cadets away, only ten boats took to the water. Most notable newcomer was six year old James for his second solo adventure in a Club Oppie, pursued by retired teacher John giving instructions and encouragement from Pinkie’s helm. After only a couple of unplanned pirouettes full control was achieved leading to some speculation about the youngsters potential as a future Commodore.

Meanwhile John’s teenage son William looked pretty uncomfortable in a trapeze harness, (basically a large nappy with a hook instead of a safety pin), on the Vago. Not really enough wind to get out on the wire, lie back and think of Teesdale but an interesting outing non the less. His helm Robert crossed the line first in both races, but Keith with a returner crew- Mrs John, took the honours on handicap in his Miracle. Welcome back to the water Joy but very impolite to win first time out!

Dave and John’s excuse for 2nd place this week was a snapped halyard so no mainsail. Clutching at ropes, I would say.

Special thanks to Joyce, back from her African adventures to aide the needs of a rapidly growing club.

Club membership is now only £20 until April next year. That’s barely London-Northampton on the M1 and I know which I prefer.

Chris Dauber
Teesdale Sailing Club.