Challenging conditions for Scouts and Sail Experience Day!

Posted on June 7, 2015 7:50 pm

Challenging conditions for Scouts and Sail Experience Day!

Sunday was never going to be an easy day. Seven booked on a Sail Experience day, fifteen Scouts, force 5 gusting 6 winds in the forecast, and three key Club members unavailable through illness and work commitments.

And when they said force 5-6, they were not wrong. The wind this year has been so bad that Northumbria Water are commissioning a mural of Tierra del Fuego across the dam wall, replete with slain albatross’.

But enough of the moaning. One of the best things about Teesdale Sailing Club is the way everyone will pitch in to help others into the ‘messing about in boats’ thing.

Obviously, in some cases it is more a question of looking warily at the wind and waves, and then sacrificing themselves to safety boat or shore duty for the day, a state of grace I am very familiar with!

Others readily forego some seriously invigorating exercise, to taxi the inquisitive around the water, keeping their dinghies in low gear and so keeping visitors dry, mostly.

New member Anthony forewent the Siren’s call of his new Phantom to drive the Bahia bus for a while. Or was it that Phantoms have a reputation as a diving platform in big winds Anthony?

Because of the high winds the scouts did not get as much time out on the water as they would have liked, but managed a short session driving the powerboats which they enjoyed. Once you get the engine thing out of your system kids, you can really get to grips with the thrill of nature’s free powerhouse. This year it is Nitrox fuelled!

We may actually host some racing next Sunday, if anyone can remember how to do it.

Chris Dauber

Pictures from Chris Barraclough who even turned out nursing a bug picked up in USA a few days ago!

Note the first picture – it’s Ross looking well pleased now that the club has a trolley for each of its Pico dinghies. Ross sponsored a grant request to Teesdale Action Partnership for 4 trolleys and boy does it make a difference – thank you Ross and TAP.

Now, what else do we need to help keep our youngsters engaged? Maybe a couple of windsurfers or kayaks and a shed to put them in perhaps!