Club Equipment

Do you want to sail without owning a craft?

The club aims to provide a range of craft for hire at an affordable cost.

Craft hire fees

There are two club craft use payment options – Pay as you Go and Annual Subscription


Pay as you Go

A craft hire fee applies each time you use a club craft, according to the following table.

Cost per use Craft Type
Free Optibat
£10.00 Pico, Topper, Solo, Laser
£15.00 GP14, Vago, Feva
£20.00 Bahia

If you use a club craft on the Pay as you Go basis, please ensure that the appropriate amount is paid and you complete the daily craft hire sheet


Equipment Use

We try to ensure that club craft are used on a fair basis.

Block booking for several weeks is not allowed and, if necessary, personal use may be restricted if we find our boat stock to be inadequate.

Club craft are available on a first come first served basis.

However, if the club needs a boat for training, an open day or similar event, then this need will take priority.

Even if all the boats are being used, there are often opportunities to sail with someone else or you could help provide water safety cover.

Use of club craft is restricted to sailors who are deemed to be capable of handling the craft in the prevailing conditions and the decision of the OOD or club official will be final.

Anyone sailing any craft in an unacceptable manner will be removed from the water.

Annual Subscription

For regular users of club craft there is th option to pay a single annual amount of £72.00.

This covers the use of one craft, although if your family-group would like to use an additional craft, and no one else wants it, you can use it without any additional charge.

To maintain the club craft fleet, we need to cover the insurance and maintenance costs (which are substantial).

The annual subscription option represents excellent value for money and we would encourage all non-craft owning members to participate in this scheme.


Example Craft Ownership Costs

Insure a £1000.00 Pico? from £33.00
Annual berth cost at TDSWC? £24.00
New trolley wheel? £16.50
New jib for a Feva? £130.00 – £249.00
New Optibat daggerboard? £83.95
New GP14 mainsheet? £49.50
Craft depreciation? £ ?