Club Equipment

Some people want to sail without owning a boat and it is an aim of the club to try and meet this need at an affordable cost.

Laser Vago
Our performance boat that has a trapeze and an extra big red sail for those that want more speed.
(1 club boat)
A very popular dinghy for youngsters aged 6-12 years.
(5 club boats)
A single hander boat that is more sit in rather than on.
(3 club boats)
Laser Pico
Used as a training boat it has a good turn of speed.
(6 club boats)
Solid 2- man boat that is easy to handle.
(1 club boat)
RS Feva
Our training boats for juniors and Parent/child crews
(4 club boats)
A lively Olympic class single-hander with a choice of sail sizes!
(1 club boat)
Laser Bahia
Very stable dinghy that can take up to 5 people. Excellent for training and for use on scout days.
(2 club boats)

Equipment Use

Club boats are available on a first come first served basis.

However, if the club needs a boat for training, an open day, sail experience day or similar event, then this need must take priority.

Even if all the boats are being used, there are often opportunities to sail with someone else or you could help provide water safety cover.

We try to ensure that the club boats are used on a fair basis.

Block booking for several weeks will not be allowed and, if necessary, personal use may be restricted if we find our boat stock to be inadequate.

Daily Boat Use Fees

Optimist – Free
Pico, Solo, Laser – £10.00
GP14, Vago RS Feva – £15.00
Bahia – £20.00


Annual Boat Use Fee

For regular users of club boats there is an option to pay a single annual amount of £72.00

This covers the use of one boat, although if your family group would like to use an additional boat, and no one else wants to use it, you can use it without any additional charge.

Our boats are there to be used and not sit in a dinghy park – we just want to cover their insurance and maintenance costs (which are substantial).