Club stalwarts ignore the forecast and have a whale of a time!

Posted on April 27, 2015 3:49 pm

Club stalwarts ignore the forecast and have a whale of a time!

Nobody would describe me as an optimist, unless they were drawing comparison with the rather dumpy and staid junior’s dinghy.

It has to be said though, that only six days after knee surgery, and forecasts of near freezing temperatures with snow and gales, it would have taken a very special personality to embrace the prospect of a day on Grassholme on Sunday. But yet again Teesdale confounded the predictions and supplied one of the best sessions I can remember on the water with bright sunshine and an excellent North Westerly 3-4 throughout.

New member Nigel arrived bright and early intent on stringing up his cat, (that is to say rigging his catamaran lest there should be any confusion), and two hours later everything was ready to go. Disaster then struck, as it so often does on a first outing, with a rotten pin in a shroud giving way and the whole 25’ mast, sail and rig coming crashing down.

Ah well, better than it happening at sea and a good deal easier to recover.

Things did not improve for Nigel when well-intentioned members insisted he got a sail by taking out the club Bahia. His helm, Dave is not yet familiar with the new boat, so after some good tacking and gibing, there was a not so good one.

You could probably chart water temperature at Grassholme by timing how long crews are in the water before a capsized boat is righted. Lets just say that neither Nigel nor John were in drysuits and I would swear the mast didn’t have a chance to get wet!

Imogen captained the Enterprise with Paul, but bottled trying rudderless sailing, needed for her instructor certificate. Sailing without a rudder is much easier than might be imagined, using a combination of sail adjustment, heel and weight to steer the boat, but to be fair, when it starts to go wrong, there is only one possible outcome. Next time, maybe, or when it’s warmer.

It’s a Sail Experience day next Sunday and the forecast is terrible….

Chris Dauber

Some video footage here:

Solo having fun!

Vago having fun!

Bahia with Dave and Catman before the ducking!