Contact Message: 3 Toppers for Sale (well 2 1/2!)


3 Toppers for Sale (well 2 1/2!)

Hi - up until about 2 years ago we were family members at Ullswater Sailing Club, the children having learned initially to sail at Glenridding from about 2008/9) (I'm not sure why we never explored your club first). About 5/6 years ago we bought 3 second hand toppers for the children, but they have long outgrown. them and only my 17 year daughter is really keen on continuing. I noticed on your website recently you were looking for people selling Fevas. Obviously these are just Toppers, but I don't know whether they would be of interest to the club, or you know anyone else who may be interested? We only have 2 trolleys (one virtually new and unused - the other too well used and v wonky); the boats themselves are in variable conditions (hence saying there's 2 1/2 of them), but to someone who knows what they are doing, I suspect would do up v well (I never quite got to grips with boat maintenance). We only live between Winston and Staindrop so would be very happy to get them out of the garage if anyone would like to come and have a look at some stage.
Thanks, Libby Hampson


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