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To Whom It May Concern;

I have inherited the leadership of our schools Navy cadet section from Richard Hewitt, and am under the understanding that he used to bring some cadets to your water for sailing under his guidance.

I am nowhere near as qualified as Richard, but am working my way towards being in a position to take my cadets on the water, and was hoping that in the lead up to that event I could establish a relationship with yourselves with a view to being in a position to do this, and in the mean time I will no doubt need to practise skills learnt on forthcoming courses to manouvre my sailing from purely leisure to a little more of a professional looking effort!

I very much appreciate any help and assistance - until I was asked to take on the RN section my interest in sailing was very much from an occasional recreational perspective, but now I am looking to do things properly I am likely to need a bit of guidance as to how things are done properly!

Many thanks,

Tom Williams


Tom Williams

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