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Paddling on the reservoir

Our canoe club are looking at coming up to the area on Our annual club trip in September. I've contacted a campsite in Middleton on Tees, which is right next to the river and they are happy for us to stay there, although there is a noise curfew of 10.30 which might not bode well with our evening BBQ. But that's another story. Im not sure how fast flowing the river along the campsite is, it may not be suitable for begininners and I wondered if it is possible to paddle on the reservoir.
I hoped you might be able to help by advising who i need to contact, possible costs, getting on points etc.
I hope that's not too much to ask. My contact numbers are 01430 810542 and 07792469866 if it would be easier to have a conversation.
Thank you


Sue Burgess

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