Early Season Icebreakers in Action

Posted on April 18, 2016 1:19 pm

Early Season Icebreakers in Action

viedeo - 17-april-2016

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The event at 15 minutes left Keith and me smiling! I was late to the start line having got stuck in irons over by the far shore.

Video with kind permission of Howard Pearson.

It is still early season at Grassholme and only the hardy (and foolhardy) ever turn out when your first action involves breaking ice off the boat.   A rope with a chunk of ice attached won’t run through a pulley when it needs to, and I couldn’t help but wonder how Mr Shackleton and others managed ye tack when things got seriously chilly.

The promised stiff but consistent breeze raised some albino equines as four boats took to the water for the morning session.  Poppy and mum, desperate to get afloat despite the warnings, joined James and me on a reefed club Bahia for what felt like a restrained first race.  A big boat, de-tuned with three and a half bods on board was never going to win against two experienced and fiercely competitive old timers, but we did at least complete the race.  Which is more than PaulB did!  Once you have been swimming a couple of times in these conditions, energy is sapped faster than support for an Icelandic Premier.

After Lunch Jon had finally rolled in, so Paul joined James in a still reefed Bahia and we broke out the fully rigged Vago.   With entirely predictable results.

When things are perfectly trimmed and balanced, and Njord play ball, there is nothing quite like it. The buzz of planing over water, with spray spuming up from the bow and your mate swinging around on a piano wire to counter the gusts, is like nothing else on earth.  Even the boat sings to you, exhilarating in the moment.   I have driven fast motorbikes round Silverstone and Brands Hatch at speeds ten times any the Vago will ever achieve, but it does not compare.

I think Tony won everything, Keith and John performed with their usual expertise, but for the first time ever, the Vago crossed the line before them.  And I don’t care what the handicaps were.

Countryfile says more cold air next weekend, I need better gloves.


Results here