F3 Club End of Term Report and Gallery

Posted on August 17, 2017 6:00 pm

F3 Club End of Term Report and Gallery

UPDATED 21st August 2017

The F3 club had its final summer session on Saturday 19th August 2017 and despite uncooperative weather, we have seen many children taking part in the sessions and making excellent progress in their sailing skills.

Saturday delivered the windiest weather of the six sessions which meant that sailing was not possible. So, problem? What problem – Imogen had plan D which saw a range of on-shore activities keeping the youngsters fully engaged.

The water, which would have been classed as “pretty rough” at the coast, was not totally out of bounds though. The club has a fleet of modern power craft able to eat the conditions with ease – ideal for safety boat driving and practice approaching marks. Coming ashore you could see the effect of the conditions with crews looking like drowned rats.

The final flurry of activities saw the intrepid youngsters walking the Pico plank, competing in the “who can bail an Oppie the quickest” and finding out how many people can sit on a Pico without it sinking.

The limelight was, however, taken by Imogen herself when she demonstrated the Pico plank exercise but falling into the water with a dunking that would grace team GB’s diving squad. Unfortunately, this was not captured on film so a replay may be in order next season.

Running the F3 club has involved the following:

  • 64 club volunteer days (average over 10 per session)
  • 23 club volunteers (the club only had 32 adult members at the start of 2017)
  • 14 family groups
  • 22 Junior participants (aged 7-11 years)
  • 85 junior participant-sessions (78% attendance rate)

Not to mention the hours of planning and preparation by Imogen, without whom none of this would happen, and the considerable input from parents, for which we would like to thank and acknowledge.

The attendance rate was in fact very impressive considering that the club took place when many families take their annual holiday. We even had families re-arranging their holidays to take part. The prize for the most unusual non-attendance apology goes to: “sorry we cannot come this week, Jonny (not his real name) has hammered a nail through his foot and we are in A and E”.

Plans are now being developed for the 2018 season and a new intake of youngsters. The current crop is not forgotten though as we have introduced 4 additional junior sessions for September and October 2017.

We now need some double-handed craft suitable for junior use and, if we can attract some funding we will be well placed to implement a sail development plan that takes youngsters from absolute beginner to a champion racer in a few years’ time.

Some may be wondering what the F3 stands for. It means “Fast”, “Fun” and “Free”. We think the members of TDSWC (and Imogen in particular), assisted by the parents delivered something special and demonstrated again the community focus of the club.

F3 Club session 5 on 12 August 2017

Pictures from Chris Barraclough

F3 Club session 3 on 29 July 2017

Pictures from Chris Barraclough

F3 Club session 2 on 22nd July 2017

Pictures from Brian Thomson and John Backes . . . .