Fame, good winds and sunshine combine to make this sailing day special!

Posted on September 6, 2015 12:00 am

Fame, good winds and sunshine combine to make this sailing day special!

When the Royal Yachting Association tells you that your picture of sailing in a tiny Northern outpost is the best they have seen last month, you can’t help floating (sic) a little.


Our picture, previously printed here, said everything there is to say about how much fun you can have, at any age, on the water. Leading their Facebook and Twitter page as well as the monthly e-news letter, I did wonder if it might catch a virus and go global. But no, the ‘likes’ rocketed from 32 to only 34 over the weekend.

Sunday had looked very promising all week and did not disappoint.

Lots of key people were away but, although a much reduced fleet was expected, there were still a dozen boats out including the unstoppable Hewitts and newcomers from Durham school.

A last minute shuffle of officers left Trevor to manage his first race, a role he adopted with the authority of an old school headmaster. No disputing the results this week and yours truly disqualified for not following the course. How unreasonable is that?

The morning race had proved something of a trial for Dave and me, sailing double handed boats single handed in slightly unsuitable winds. We both stayed dry, which is more than some more experienced hikers did, but finishing was the victory, not the position.

After lunch it was time to enthuse unexpected visitors with Adam and daughter Izzy keen to have another go.

A fully reefed Bahia left Izzy still a little uncertain but dad was handed the tiller to tack and gybe up and down the reservoir in a strengthening breeze. Only one lapse of concentration for which he was very apologetic, until Paul and I pointed out that he was the one sitting waist deep in the water, not us!

Indisputably one of the best days sailing this year, despite the sunburn.

Chris Dauber
Teesdale Sailing Club