February fun on virtual regatta

Posted on February 5, 2021 10:40 am

February fun on virtual regatta

Despite the lake freezing over and Daisyboots being stuck in a snow drift, a good number of intrepid sailors made it to the start line for a relaxed sailing session on Tuesday evening. Following the intense competition of last week it was decided to have a number of races that were not linked into a series, and to try out some different boats and courses.

Strummer put us all to shame turning up on Zoom with a wonderful ‘Fighting Temeraire’ backdrop. So inspired was he by reading the tale of this wonderful old ship that he sailed off into an unassailable lead and crossed the finish line in first place. This was the first win by Strummer in an e-sailing race, and he was so pleased with himself that he serenaded the rest of us on his guitar.

Luney also recorded a win, but from then on his starts let him down. Three false starts in three successive races suggests he needs to buy himself a new watch!

Phantomant again posted two second places, and when he cuts out some rule infringements will undoubtedly win. IanY12 was back on form and had 3 firsts, two of which came in unfamiliar boats. The Formula 18 proved quite fast, but most comment was reserved for the AC75s. We liked their foils, but just like the real thing dropping off the foils resulted in a huge reduction in speed, and they were very slow to turn. The 49er seemed to be the favourite boat; fast and manoeuvrable it provide some exciting racing. We will sail it again.

Perhaps the most remarkable part of the evening though was a rather subdued 6572 who ‘retired’ from the first race, but then jumped into Daisyboots boat and grabbed the controls. This was considered rather dubious as the Laser is a single hander! Furthermore 6572 then allowed himself to be beaten, TWICE, by his father Stevewag who took great delight in his achievement. It was generally agreed that as club champion 6572 will need to do some practise before the regional championships. No pressure there then!

As always, if you fancy a break from lockdown, and want some camaraderie and fun, we would love you to join us. Just get in touch through email or Facebook and we will help you to get rigged up.