Flippin’ Pancake Races

Posted on February 17, 2021 7:05 pm

Flippin’ Pancake Races

No, we weren’t tossing pancakes as we sailed (though, judging from the courses steered by some they might have been) but the races have to be called something so on Shrove Tuesday it seemed appropriate. Luney did though have a Zoom background of himself tossing a pancake, and Strummer was in an optimistic mood and decided on a colourful display of spring flowers from Harlow Carr.

With the Regional Club e-sailing Championships coming up it was decided to follow their format and have six races in the boats that they will use. After a gentle introduction in the Laser it was onto the 49er, and Nacra 17. The latter was on the long reaching course which had some people very confused. There was much discussion as to which race helps should be used and in particular that the VMG help didn’t seem to work. Someone suggested tongue in cheek that even an RNLI help would not be much use as a boat spun around helplessly in mid race.

There was some intense competition with sailors using the rules to their advantage where possible, though in the virtual world this can backfire as the virtual race officer works at the pixel level whereas most people’s eyes only see what they want to see!

It was great to see Skippy14 in the flesh this week, and he put up a good show on the water as well. Little flashes of speed off the start suggest that when he becomes more consistent he will trouble the leaders. Until then we will no doubt hear more of his catch phrase, ‘Hang on I’m on my way!’

Phantomant, RWL and Stevewag posted a top three finish each, but the evening’s honours went once again to 6572 with IanY12 in second and Luney third.

Although the numbers of participants has settled down we really would like to see more of our club members having a go, it is a good way to meet up in the off season and you are most welcome.