Flipping Pancakes results from virtual regatta

Posted on February 27, 2021 10:55 am

Flipping Pancakes results from virtual regatta

This week saw our first competitor from outside the region take part in a Teesdale SWC virtual race. Stevewag took part from Preston. This was quite disconcerting for a number of us who had thought for a whole race that he was in Teesdale. It was even more disconcerting for his wife who was heard to ask, “Just where are you?” Daisyboots was also unsure where the start line was in one race, and in another Skippy14 said “Where are you all I can’t see you?” Secretly we were all hiding behind the committee boat… but don’t tell him. I hope our collective geographical sense improves for the real sailing that is due to start up at the beginning of April. Start polishing your real boat now!

Yesterday also saw the first instance of virtual piracy when 6572 seized control of race three from Luney, and fired the starting gun. Luney is working on how to make him walk the plank next week, but may have to settle on trying to beat him, which is difficult enough.

Elcarim continues to do battle with not just the other competitors but also his broadband connection, so maybe we should give him a handicap in future events. As his exasperation with BT continued to grow he came out with the quote of the day, “Please… just let me finish…please!”

Jch723 was mightily pleased to win a race, (we had 4 different winners of the 5 races) but the star performer was ianY12 who won last night’s event, though 6572 took the honours over the two week Flippin’ Pancake Series.

So popular has been the e-sailing that it was unanimously decided to continue our Tuesday evening sojourns to other more exotic parts of the world throughout March. So if you wish to have a go it is not too late to join us. Shake out the lockdown cobwebs and get on the water virtually for a pre-season sail. We have a range of sailing abilities; from those who are just glad to get around the course to those who are of regional standard, so there is good racing to be had in all parts of the fleet, and as always you will be most welcome. Just get in touch for details.