Four pensioners and Anthony

Posted on July 14, 2016 7:16 pm

Four pensioners and Anthony

Sunday 10th July – High summer.

Or not, as it turned out.

High winds, rain at the peripheries (though very little at GH), and some other sports on the tele’ meant a poor turnout on Sunday.

Anthony, WilliamH and ChrisH as duty officers constituted 40% of turnout, so no racing, just some serious wave bashing by Keith and Anthony in a Miracle and Paul, Tony and me abusing the Bahia.

I don’t think I have ever seen a Miracle perform quite like it, full tilt, with spinni and all, down the length of the water. The biggest miracle was staying upright considering Keith’s lack of practice this year and Anthony’s unfamiliarity and poor fit!

Multiple harmonics, even to windward, in the un-reefed Bahia. Tony & I took turns to relax on the wire while the other threw themselves around the hull to balance the gusts.

We fearless three even had the big red kite up and down, four times before we sorted the rigging, as it turned out. Only one capsize coming out of a gybe, and none of us know why- perhaps it was just our time!

Thanks to ChrisH for giving safety cover and ChrisB for his usual brilliant photographs.

Video to follow and 4-6s forecast for next Sunday….