Frustrating conditions fail to dampen spirits yet again!

Posted on May 24, 2015 9:45 pm

Frustrating conditions fail to dampen spirits yet again!

‘Spinnaker Will?’ I asked our teenage helm. The response was akin to an offer of illegal substances at his first rave party; A sullen shake of the head but the unmistakable glint of ‘but if you make me’ also there.

It is over a quarter of a century since my first student party but the temptation of the thrill is still too much and, as a Senior Committee member, I overrode the whippersnapper’s objection and hauled on the halyard anyway. The boy done good and successfully wrangled the big rig, hurtling down the reservoir, and almost following a prescribed course.

Sunday was yet again a frustrating combination of strong winds with sharply veering gusts. Only four boats took to the water, which was four more than I would have expected.

Commodore Paul volunteered to taxi a family of newcomers into the breach although the rock and roll was too much for his very young crew. A swift return to base allowed them time in the more sedate safety boat whilst their dad pursued an acrobatics career in the GP14.

Veteran Keith showed us how it is done on his first outing of the year in his home engineered Miracle, crewed by Trevor. We did try to organize a race, but decided that survival was a more attainable objective than the four rounding marks of the course. I think Keith would have won so the teas were on him.

I must confess a certain smug satisfaction this week after our Commodore tipped a visitor into the warming waters of Grassholme, whilst I managed an entire session with a novice upright. I accept that Paul was out a lot longer, but I still maintain that we now have a marginal constituency and in another five years…

Chris Dauber