Hot and sunny with perfect winds greet the start of our F3 Club

Posted on July 8, 2018 7:45 pm

Hot and sunny with perfect winds greet the start of our F3 Club

Apparently there is some sporting event happening in Russia which ‘the whole nation’ is captivated by.

Or not, in my case.

Or, in fact, in quite a lot of cases. Like the Co-Op staff member or most of the 40 or so sailors and helpers who kicked off (unfortunate analogy) our kids’ sailing club on Saturday.

F3 (Fast Fun and FREE) was trialled last summer as a way to introduce pre-teens into one of the international sports we are very good at.

I don’t mean into the last twenty for the first time in a couple of centuries, I mean consistently top of the leader board against strong opposition at every event.

The Sir Bens and Dame Ellens of sailing’s hall of fame all started in similar ways, on boats like the Oppie and Pico which Teesdale Sailing Club own, maintain, and offer free use of, (along with wet suits and other kit) to accompanied children.

This year a new batch of 12 started beginner’s class while last year’s graduates progressed to the F3+ after lunch. Hot, sunny, perfect light winds and a new fleet of fast, junior spinnaker boats for the returners, (the RS Fevas), thanks to support from Teesdale Action Partnership.

Last year, kids’ club survived gale after gale with 90 % attendance. Very gratifying for the many hours Imogen, Richard and others put into organizing things. The first day of this season could not have been more perfect had Pimms and strawberries been presented to the volunteers at the close of day.

And they came back Sunday, with Max dunking his dad four or five times (as safety boat officer I should really remember) and Finn and Oliver practicing capsize drill during a slow, becalmed morning.

Wait ‘till October boys, then see how inviting that practice is!