How many dinghys can you fit on a 20-metre beach?

Posted on October 5, 2014 12:00 am

How many dinghys can you fit on a 20-metre beach?

Answer, it depends if Scouts are organizing it for you! Neat, cleaned and tidy after use – we would definitely have Gainford Scouts back.

Amanda had promised twenty visitors for Scouts Saturday and, with volunteer club members, over 30 signed in to Grassholme club house, not deterred by the leaden drop of the thermometer overnight. Oppies, Picos, Toppers and our retired GP in a GP14 all hit the water for the fun.

Slightly stronger than perfect winds meant plenty of entertainment for Grassholme’s anglers with enough spins, rolls and capsizes to fill an entire episode of ‘You’ve been framed’.It must have been good because before the day was out free trout were being offered along with lost boat parts that had washed upon the dam wall. Thanks guys.

The less young amongst us will recall David Hasslehof launching himself off a speedboat in the opening sequence of ‘Baywatch’. What a fabulous mimic by John, (albeit in a bulky yellow drysuit rather than red shorts), when we spotted an inverted oppie. As soon as he hit the water we realized the missing novice had already been recovered and was on his way to shore and warm towels in the other safety boat, but a sobering and, in John’s case, chilly reminder of our raison d’etre in the power boats. Still, no shampoo needed this weekend John!

There were several transformations from bewildered wanderer to competent pointer during the day, most notable being Adam from Staindrop troupe who, having been adopted by Dave for an hour, was happily tacking, gibing and hiking in the increasing gusts of the afternoon. You’re a natural Adam!

A good day was had by all. And to think….. we could all have been playing on computers.

Chris Dauber
Teesdale Sailing Club