How many ways are there to say it was WINDY?

Posted on July 20, 2015 7:33 am

How many ways are there to say it was WINDY?

‘Your granddad will remember rock and roll’ I shouted to Chloe. as the boat rolled mercilessly in the massive gusts of Sunday’s ‘Sail Experience Day’.

It had suddenly occurred to me that her Dad, John, would probably not remember ‘Let it be’ or the ‘Kum ba ya’ of my youth and, on my birthday, I suddenly felt very old.

The weather had been characteristically cruel to us, but the decision had been to run with our six parent and child visitors, because next week could be even worse than the force 6’s of Sunday!

Still, we stayed above the water and I think all six inquisitors enjoyed themselves, even if a couple did have an unscheduled swim.

The club sported its highest ever number of volunteers for safety boat duty, while a limited number of helms and crews took to the water (and air), ensuring the paying visitors got the promised ‘experience’.

Young Poppy, of ‘Exilerant’ fame, would have stayed out slamming into the waves all day, had her ancient crew accented. Let’s just say that none of us were thirsty after that session!

Young Adam, who’s mother and younger sister were having the ‘Experience’, put the dotaged to shame, fearlessly launching a reefed Pico into the maelstrom, even though tacking through the eye of the winds was proving harder than expected. Here be a star of the future- watch this space!

Next Sunday is our last open day of the year, so if you think your tough enough, come along between eleven and three when we will do our best to get everyone afloat. After this our brilliant team of volunteers are determined to enjoy themselves until hell, or the lake, freeze over.

Let it be!

Chris Dauber

How was all this possible?

Well, without the funding from Sport England for the boats (Bahia dinghies and our safety boats) and the grant from CDCF for the junior clothing it would not have been possible

But by far the biggest contribution was from club members. We had 6 people on the Sail Experience course (3 under 12’s) and we had 13 (yes thirteen) club members looking after them!!!

It’s hard work but the rewards will come when we enrole our juniors into the Oppie fleet!. Two years ago we did not have any under 12’s in the club – we are now on our way to having a fleet!

Now, where can I find £500 towards a new grass cutter – the old one has given up after many years hard labour (that’s the mower not JohnP!).