Ice – what ice? Our season gets off to a sunny start.

Posted on April 3, 2017 7:20 am

Ice – what ice? Our season gets off to a sunny start.

I won, I won! Or I might have won.

Or I probably didn’t win, but only because the other boats had the PY (handicaps) of arthritic donkeys.

The first sailing day of the year starts with the ‘ice-breaker’ series for obvious reasons, but how wrong can a misnomer be? There was brilliant sunshine all day at Grassholme. Even a worryingly mirrored surface whilst maintenance tasks were completed.

But as the last of the PG tips was swilled, a perfect breeze rippled the pure pink water, revealing the revival of my Genesis albums, and an excess of sun.

A dozen sailors turned out to help finish the winter jobs list. Bob, sorry Robert, doing a sterling job of re-pointing the clubhouse chimney, Anthony sorting the marker buoy positions and others squirreling away, creating order from the mayhem of a move to a new building. It seemed everything would get done, but what would be the point with such perfect sailing conditions beckoning?

Seven boats took to the water with Tony demonstrating perfect timing over the line. By number 4 buoy the breeze had dropped a little and the field thinned leaving the Solo and Vago to enter the reach with little between them. The lesser powered Pico’s and Miracle followed close behind but now the Vago’s big blue gun was armed and in these conditions nothing was going to catch it.

The next two races did not go quite so well for the Vago, in fact the only capsize of the day followed which I put down to the confusion of eleven control lines in the cockpit, all of which act like hungry pythons, attacking anything that needs to move.

Robert in a Pico shared the honours in the 3rd race despite being 4th over the line. Proof that the tortoise sometimes gets the girl, but it’s just not the same!

Chris Dauber