Iced water drenching not for charity!!

Posted on August 24, 2014 12:00 am

Iced water drenching not for charity!!

Sailing report Sunday 24th August 14 by Chris Dauber

If you remember learning to drive you will recall the confusion of managing three or four different controls whilst pointing at your objective and avoiding obstacles along the way. Now consider the same problems whilst integrating the current obsession with having iced water tipped over your head and an instructor shouting commands that suggest he has a corrupted dictionary file in his birds nest – sheets mean rope, mainsel means the sheet and duck doesn’t mean game bird.

On a boat of course, your gearbox is also playing swapsy, with reverse where second used to be and neutral being only available temporarily, and then it’s time to move swiftly to the passenger seat and do it all with opposite hands.

Amazing then that beginners ever return for another session, but return they do with nearly fifty sailors at Grassholme over the weekend, half of them newcomers to the sport. A perfect mix of weather meant that most of the time the light winds were perfect for learning and the occasional shift of 180 degrees kept even the best of racers on their toes. When the breeze did stiffen the ice water treatment was liberally distributed amongst the best of us, with Jon managing to tip Vago and me in four times before lunch. Having had more fun than any day so far this season I won’t hold it against him, but next time I get the helm.

Congratulations to Karen, Adam and Imogen on completion of their powerboat-handling course too, but should learning really look like so much fun?