Kids just wanna have fun!

Posted on June 27, 2016 12:34 pm

Kids just wanna have fun!

We have had even more fun this week than watching France’s reaction to ‘Non’, with two group sessions in near perfect sailing conditions.

Wednesday evening was our annual visitation by the youths of UTASS and what a perfect evening it was.

High winds meant all three dinghy helms fought hard to keep the exuberants dry, but this proved pointless once the water pistols and then fire buckets materialized, like the raising of gun turrets on Drake’s flagship.

Taps in Barny ran dry as the reservoir was emptied into boats and clothing, leaving us worried about hypothermia, capsize and groundings all at once. If a picture paints, as they say, check the gallery on our web site!

Sunday was forecast to be great, but the anemometer erred toward challenging as the youngsters of Staindrop Scout troop togged up.

Pounding significant waves with consequent soaking took its toll on numbers, as wind chill sapped any enjoyment the better equipped might revel in.

I was on safety duty, so some otherwise cold and miserable kids got to drive the ‘speedboat’, even if it was our Thunderbird 2.

Some great reaching across the rising westerly’s by late afternoon with full extension trapezing of my X kilos, feet up on the Bahia gunwale.

Anthony, helming, also cantilevered into the wind while hanging on to the boat straps with his toenails. A most memorable fifteen minutes until a desk-jockey physique forced me to cede the fun to PaulB.

Paul emulated my antics, right up to the point where the boat surrendered, dropping sail and boom into the water. Paul was left standing on the hull side doing a passable impersonation of a reluctant cliff- diver. Until he fell in, obviously.

Sounds like fun? It is – check the web site for up-coming open days.

Chris Dauber

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