Low Rigg Challenge

Posted on February 15, 2021 10:54 am

Low Rigg Challenge

The Low Rigg Challenge provided some much needed fun and escapism during the present cold spell. Inspired by Strummer’s oil painting background of last week, Luney turned up with a sunny scene from the Caribbean complete with sunshine, waves and swaying palm trees. It was quite appropriate as the first race took place in Barbados. In fact Luney was so at home that he won it; a feat that he failed to achieve for the rest of the evening! Oh dear.

After getting booted out of the first race by a wonky internet connection 6572 came storming back to take the next two races, before IanY12 and Wavey split the honours in the final two rounds.

Boat26543 seems to have swallowed some ‘medicinal compound’ in the last week and is now going under the much more imaginative name of Skippy14, and he completed a full set of races, but rather like Johnny Hammer in 1960s song by the Scaffold he now  ‘is seen … but never heard’ Remember to log in to the Zoom call next time Skippy!

There was lots of tight racing in the middle of the fleet, no shortage of calls for water many penalties dished out by the disembodied officer of the day. Some of his decisions are a bit dubious to say the least, but unlike real sailing there are no protests. You just have to like it or lump it. There is no point arguing with a computer.

At the end of the day 6572 came out on top once again which is a good result as it confirms that he is definitely the sailor to represent us as club champion in the RYA Club Championship Regionals next week. If you want to see how he gets on then more details will follow.