Magnificent five take up their brushes and march forth

Posted on December 4, 2016 9:10 pm

Magnificent five take up their brushes and march forth

An early start and a target completion of lunch time was the order of the day for getting a coat of brown preservative on our shiny new storage building at Grassholme.

Trevor, suffering from the remnants of a bad cold, arrived with brushes and was soon displaying a fetching white outfit that looked like he was about to take a starring role in CSI. He was no doubt still looking for that illusive duck – the one that left its footprints in the concrete floor.

With matching dark gloves (matching the new shed colour) he soon got started on turning the gleaming white hulk into a more subdued shade of dark brown.

Tony set to work on the west end as it seemed like a priority since a neighbour had remarked how noticeable the shed was in its untreated state. The brushes enabled work to progress quickly but not half as quickly as the implement brought by Keith.

Keith had clearly done this sort of work before and turned up with a paint roller and tray.

He was soon splashing it all over, covering large areas with ease and leaving the groves between the planks to be done by the brush brigade.
The tall bits looked like they might be a problem as we had not yet carried out the necessary risk assessment. However, ChrisB had already thought of this and had brought a brush which had a special handle – it looked about 4 feet long! Anyway, it did the trick, apart from him being showered with brown rain.

ChrisD had brought a tape measure and started his day by planning the fitting out – deciding where the bunk bed was going and where to put a work bench. However, he soon got to work with a brush and, as the youngest, member present, was detailed to do the roof boards.

The whole job took until 13:00, so mission accomplished.

So, what next?

Well, ChrisB and Keith had plans to attend a gig that evening. Apparently the Majestic in Darlington was hosting “Still Drifting: An Evening with Ray Lewis” and they had tickets. You need to be a certain age to remember the Drifters and Chris and Keith certainly qualify.

Tony was retreating back to his desk job to carry on updating the club website, Trevor was probably retiring to bed with a dose of Beechams powder and ChrisD was seriously tempted to go sailing as it was too soon to go home.

All we have to do now is decide what to put in the new shed when the club reopens in March – at least it’s no longer a white elephant!