March Hare Races 2 on Virtual Regatta

Posted on March 10, 2021 4:34 pm

March Hare Races 2 on Virtual Regatta

The second instalment of the March Hare races produced more notable moments. Strummer let on that he was celebrating his 70th birthday. Unlike the game however it was real not virtual. He did admit to imbibing a couple of glasses of wine which unfortunately he could not share with us. That is probably just as well considering that our new ‘international’ sailor, 6572, is underage. 6572 now races with a GBR prefix courtesy of his participation in the international Optimist series of VR races where he beat sailors from the USA, Canada and New Zealand to qualify for the quarter finals. Go for it Toby, we are all behind you. Literally, we are behind him in most races.

Meanwhile Skippy14 seemed to be having trouble with his socks. He claimed that he couldn’t find his green sock anywhere only his red one (only a true sailor has one red and one green sock).  Eventually half way through race three there was a jubilant cry of “I’ve got a green sock!”

Phantomant (otherwise known as the Phantom Menace) tried to dip astern of GBR6572 on a port starboard and losing control inexplicably gybed into a 360 and went from second place to last in one move. Impressive.  Thereafter he decided that playing by the rules didn’t work and resolved to barge through and take the penalty whenever things got tricky. It was a policy that seemed to work as he finished second in race four.

Whilst all this was happening IanY12 was compiling a series of high placed finishes and finished the night in first place, with GBR 6572 and Jch723 in second and third respectively. Improving standards in the middle of the fleet meant that third to seventh were covered by just six points.

Next week’s final instalment of the March Hare Series should be competitive with most virtual sailors able to improve their positions.  IanY12 is currently leading with GBR6572 just two points behind. It looks like it will be between these two.

Race 2 results

Overall standings