March Hare Races on Virtual regatta

Posted on March 7, 2021 5:00 pm

March Hare Races on Virtual regatta

May be one has to be as mad as a March hare to sit in front of a computer and pretend to race sailing dinghies in faraway exotic locations, but that is exactly what members of the club have been doing every Tuesday evening for the last two months. It might be imaginary, but for an hour and a half it transports us to the delights of sailing and brings us closer to the time when we can swap the computer mouse and keyboard for the real feel of tiller and mainsheet. In the meantime we can enjoy the camaraderie and competition of the virtual world.

Yesterday saw RWL notch up his first race win, though he was denied a second by a last minute lunge for the line by Luney who in the final adjudication by the race umpire appeared to have won by just one pixel. As both boats were flying their asymmetric spinnakers at the time this could be the subject of a ‘protest the committee’ but as this is not allowed in the virtual world we will have to accept it.  Is VR following the new 2021-25 Rules of Racing? The new rules state that it is the hull of the boat that must cross the line and not its’ appendages. So for all those of you who like to hike out over the start line you can now get away with it.

Last week we had the first case of piracy on the virtual high seas, this week it was he turn of the drunken sailor. One boat weaved its’ way to windward on a most improper course leading Strummer to burst in to a chorus of the famous sea shanty.

At the tail end of the fleet ‘the Miracle boys’ Skippy14 and Elcarim, were battling it out with Stevewag. There were plenty of cries of ‘let me finish’ and ‘it’s a stupid game’. Further up the field the shouts were more traditionally ‘Starboard’ and ‘Give me room’, but always in good spirit.

After round one of the series 6572 and IanY12 share the lead with RWL and Wavey close behind. With two more rounds to go there is still everything to play for.

As always we can fit a few more boats on to the start line so if you fancy having a go prior to the new season kicking off in April do get in touch.