March Hare Round 3 on Virtual regatta

Posted on March 21, 2021 9:51 am

March Hare Round 3 on Virtual regatta

The final round of the March Hare series of virtual racing took place yesterday. The accompanying Zoom call started with a discussion about bats, which set the scene for a quite ‘batty’ session. Virtual Regatta was in what at best could be described as a mischievous mood. It was handing out penalties for no obvious reason. At times it would refuse to allow small changes of course and then throw in a 45 degree alteration just for the fun of it. Boats would ‘go slow’ for a few seconds and then suddenly speed up to 20 knots! Luney’s boat did a complete 360 degree turn in the middle of a run, and jch723 had his boat go backwards for a while. To cap it all in the final race some boats found their sails completely disappear and then reappear for no apparent reason. 6572 was racing on just his jib at one point, which was impressive as he won the race. Added to all of that Elcarim was both muted and frozen by Zoom. We still had good fun and enjoyed the event, but would like VR to sort out it’s gremlins before next week.

The gremlins also affected Luney’s maths so Competitors might find they have slightly different scores to those from last night. Apologies.

IanY12 and GBR 6572 continue to be the class acts finishing first and second on the night and also in the series as a whole. Well done.

By the way Skippy’s socks were green, and no Phantomant couldn’t win his first race….maybe next week.