2020 Membership Fees



£96.00 per annum
An adult member under 65 years

Adult (Senior)

£84.00 per annum
An adult member over 65 years

Adult (Family Group)

£144.00 per annum
Two family adult members


Adult (Concession)

£48.00 per annum

  • An additional adult within a Family Group
  • An adult in full time education

Adult (Volunteer-Social)

£48.00 per annum

  • An adult Volunteer
  • An adult Social member

Children/Under 18 years

All registered children and granchildren (under 18 years) belonging to an adult member, are included free of charge.

The club does not offer any under 18 year only memberships.


Membership Notes


Membership part-way through a season

Members joining part way through a membership year pay the full membership fee but may request a fee reduction for their second year.


From 2020, the club has dispensed with child only memberships and structured all of its adult memberships to include all registered children and grandchildren under 18 years old.

It does not matter whether or not a parent or grandparent participates in water sport activites, a registered child can partipate as long as club policy and rules are adhered to.

To be completed with a link to a child policy page.

Member Guests

A member may bring a guest to participate in watersport activities.

However, such guests must be registered and may only participate on a maximum of 3 occasions per annum.

Membership Form

Member Contributions

Members are requested to participate in the running of the organisation by undertaking voluntary duties.

These may include organising on water activities, helping to provide safety cover, helping to maintain the club facilities and assisting with the general running of the organisation.

There are normally 4 days per year when working parties are arranged and members are requested to attend at least 2 of these in addition to other designated duties.

The organisation could not exist without its members providing membership funding and the volunteer support needed and wishes to thank its members for making this vital contribution.


2020 Additional Fees


Craft Storage

£24.00 per craft per annum

Club Craft Use

£72.00 per annum

Club craft use fees can also be paid on a daily basis. Details can be found on the Club Equipment page.