New members, long lost returners and no mechanical issues

Posted on May 25, 2016 5:58 pm

New members, long lost returners and no mechanical issues

What a cracking day, new members, long lost returners, no mechanical issues, oh, and some really good sailing with enough sunshine to burn the back of your hands and enough wind to dance without a ducking.

I say dance, because there were some lively pirouettes performed by Keith with new crew Rosie and I can’t think of another reason the indomitable Richard ended up with his laser pointing in that direction.

An early shuffle of duties left ChrisB managing the races while Paul briefed newcomers in the art of concussion avoidance. Some impressive performances by starters Jim and Sam, happily following the safety/training boat around like ducklings. Only one capsize, and Sam came up smiling, so the warmer weather must finally be permeating Grassholme’s depths.

The first race saw Richard’s Miracle cross the start line in pole, a position he held throughout. Interesting that Keith’s Miracle was neck and neck towards the end of the race, the course favouring their boats as our Vago failed to find any trajectories where the kite made a difference. James and I, still getting trapeze technique sorted, did get to horizontal once, but were spared the indignity of swimming when none of the other regulars did. Other than Anthony, obviously, but that goes without saying.

Post lunch a small tear in the Hewitts’ mainsail meant a transfer to Lasers. Now those are things I can compete with. Or not, as it turns out. Even a successful lobby for a course change to benefit the asymmetric came to nothing, as the wind disobliged and veered further to the North.

We did however cross the line before all the non-Hewitt boats even if the handicaps don’t accurately reflect this brilliance.
I struggle to imagine a better day.

Good fun, good company, good weather, good exercise and brilliant value. Six days and counting.

Chris Dauber