NEYTS Event abandoned due to extreme weather conditions

Posted on May 15, 2017 10:59 am

NEYTS Event abandoned due to extreme weather conditions

‘A swell more reminiscent of the North sea than a Teesdale reservoir’ I wrote five years ago.

Well they say everything is cyclical and Saturday’s youth sailing event was a similar blow- out to 2012.

With sailors making the effort to travel to Grassholme, the least we could do is prepare the club on the off chance Mother N would relent from the forecast 6 gusting 7s. A maelstrom on the North side of the reservoir did not look obliging so two safety crews coiled lines and looked professional as six helms of the NE Traveller series were aided, unfazed, onto the water.

The five minute flag was raised, then the four, then wham! Four of the contenders overturned by a blast, and the race abandoned. The safety boats mothered their flock back to shore and an early lunch was called to see if it would ‘get out nice’ later. Great to report that one of the two men left standing was our own Adam.

The ‘endangering’ call is not easy when so much effort has gone into planning and execution, but avoiding the possibility of further ‘execution’ meant an early bath and copious condolences.

Sunday was forecast similar and only eight members made the trek for what proved to be a memorable thrash in brilliant, burning sun. A dinghy planes when hydraulic forces cause the boat and forty odd stone of crew to be jacked onto the surface of the water, removing the friction brake.

You don’t need the 40 stone, but it sure makes vertical orientation easier with three independent homo-stabilizers aboard! A curious by-product of planing is vibrations in the foils, causing the boat to sing with higher harmonics the faster you travel. Suffice to say, C sharp was the order of the day.

Open day on Saturday. Bring a tuning fork.

Chris Dauber