Nithered to lathered

Posted on September 16, 2014 12:00 am

Nithered to lathered

As an excellent summer approaches its inevitable conclusion, the choice of what to wear on Grassholme water assumes the indecision of my better half on a night out.  Saturday had
turned hot and sunny after an uncertain start, but after donning the wetsuit option, Sunday remained cool and overcast.

Fine if you are exerting yourself in a performance dinghy, but not so great sitting on a safety boat when only your eyes are moving.  By lunchtime I was ‘nithered’ and hastily re-kitted in bulky dry-suit and matching under-fleece.  Then, predictably, I was pressured into trying a newish race dinghy for the pm races which for a slightly overweight 50 something means hard work and resultant perspiration inside the waterproof.

The boat however was something of a revelation.  Technically demanding, but when I did get the sail set and the balance just right, it took off as though a cattle prod had been applied.

Much more practice needed to remove the trial and error though as I was well down the field by the finish line behind even teacher Adam on his first outing in a borrowed laser.

Also in a borrowed boat for the racing were stalwarts Dave and John who took all three flags in Dave’s ancient wooden miracle, ahead even of the Commodore and young crew Adam in the much more up to date Vago.  A very stylish performance from the Vago non the less, with lots of kite flying and occasional trapezing in the moderate winds.  I suspect a few kilo’s of lead in
Adam’s pockets would help keep the big rig upright, but probably not so good for his buoyancy in a capsize!

Next Sunday is ‘Bart’s Bash’, a world record attempt in memory of Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson. Over 10,000 sailors are expected to race for charity across the country.  Teesdale’s race
will start at 3 pm and all are welcome.

More details on the Bart’s Bash website or follow the link from  Now, what to wear.

Chris Dauber, Teesdale Sailing Club