Number 9 goes Walkabout

Posted on April 25, 2016 11:17 am

Number 9 goes Walkabout

A good writer is someone who can produce engaging prose even when there is little to write about. Fortunate then that Sunday turned into a much more interesting day than expected, starting chilly with stiff North winds but with increasing rays as the day progressed.

Confusion over duties meant I was expecting to manage safety cover, but in the event volunteers Sue and Dave watched the fleet while I spent the morning playing with buoys.

It is surprising how much effort is spent aligning marks, sinking weights and trawling for lost equipment, especially when the next blow is likely to destroy your efforts. And I have seen this week’s forecast.

When the other boys (+Rosie) made it onto the water, Anthony’s Phantom showed a clean pair of heels to the opposition, but with such an enormous handicap he would have needed to finish before the others started to take the podium from Keith. Jono roused his Laser from its hibernation and PaulB persisted with Supernova taming. Good to see newcomers from Durham school getting afloat too in the big Bosun, newly, and possibly uniquely, centre rigged.

After lunch, number 9 buoy went walkabout. Investigation revealed a broken chain and missing weight. If you ever wondered what the tang is to Teesdale water, it is not the old lead workings; it’s the tons of rusting steel lost at the bottom of Grassholme!

Next Sunday is the first ‘Sail Experience’ day of the year. We take the curious to the altar, usually without sacrifices, and aim to initiate an addiction that will give pleasure, (and some pain), for the rest of their lives. One or two places still available if you are tempted?, for details, and also Howard Pearsons great drone videos.

Chris Dauber