Oh, such a perfect day

Posted on May 14, 2018 11:00 am

Oh, such a perfect day

There are days when it is difficult to imagine a more perfect place than Teesdale.

Not many, I admit. After last winter, with the Beast from the East, the Sod from the South and the Nasty from the North, a winter where we spent dark evenings surfing Spanish property sites and wondering how the dale ever became inhabited, Sunday’s weather came as a much needed antidote, injected directly into the soul through every pore.

Glorious sun, moderate but interesting winds, and enough boats to justify a bottle when we crossed the line first. Or second actually, but Anthony, in the widow-maker, doesn’t really count as competition as this would be like considering a Ferrari fair in the London Brighton.

We raced through a morning Trustees meeting with unseemly haste, and headed down the hill to join the waiting fleet.

Six boats, three spinni’ equipped, and a figure of eight course to make us think about rights of way and the appeals rules. Two races, both of which Imogen and I started badly, but clawed back, passing the slower GP and Picos but unable to touch the Phantom.

Shifting 3’s, requiring much abuse of the helm’s knees, made for fairly easy sailing and just enough joules to keep everyone on their toes.

Newcomer Richard suffered malfunctions, solo, on his first outing with his Laser 3000. Something to do with insufficient limbs, relative to rope count, and an unscheduled spinnaker trawl. We’ve all been there, but thankfully enough issues to lift our Vago into first (by which I mean second) place.

A very impressive performance by young Finn, solo in a Pico, exonerated Imogen’s confidence in him while Dave’s faith in the absurd PY (handicap) of his Yellow Peril will doubtless squirt him up the field when the numbers are crunched.

So unfair.

Chris Dauber