Open Day July 2015 – Teesdale locals sample the delights of sailing

Posted on July 26, 2015 12:00 am

Open Day July 2015 – Teesdale locals sample the delights of sailing

I had rather selfishly hoped for a poor turnout of visitors to Sunday’s open day. The forecast strong winds and heavy rain was never a recipe for smiley faces and the prospect of some excitement before two weeks sailing cold turkey, (that is to say no sailing rather than a chilly fortnight in the Dardanelles), seemed attractive.

In the event we had the highest visitor count on record, light winds and the rain held off all day – not bad for July in Teesdale! Five taster boats were kept busy with the Bahias looking more like Indonesian ferries at times. There was also a smattering of non participating boats including both young Adams playing in my Vago with sickening competence.

Having said how good the teenagers were, it is only fair to point out that older Adam had earlier tipped three visitors into the water from a Bahia- the only unfortunate visitor incident of the day. Obviously, being a teenager, it wasn’t his fault, although in this instance he was supported by his dad, who was crewing. It is the first time I remember them agreeing on anything!

Tony, (the athlete in last week’s picture), accepted the gauntlet to sail Anthony’s widow maker, the Phantom, and looked very wet when last seen. Unfortunately I missed the swim because we were concentrating on keeping lads from the Middle East out of unfamiliar (cold) waters.

Joyce and Hazel kept the tea flowing and vended cakes and chocolate. Not sure if cake and chocolate cravings are indicative of a good day out or a need for comfort, but the cash tin was heavy coming home.

Thirty plus visitors, twenty volunteers, fifteen litres of unleaded and a sniff of neoprene. Add water and plenty of air for a recipe Mary Berry couldn’t better.

Chris Dauber

Pictures supplied by Mary Crosby