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Pay annual membership fees


Your initial membership will be for 1 year. At renewal time, you will be asked to pay a pro rata amount so that subsequent renewals will be on 31st March each year.

Adult: An adult over 18 and under 65 years.

Senior Adult: An adult over 65 years.

Family: Two adults at the same address and their children under 18 years of age.

Student/Concession: Over 18 years in full time education or by special arrangement.

Cadet: 12-17 years old.

Junior: Under 12 years old.

Volunteer: For those who want to support the the charity by contributing some of their time and also exercise membership rights.

Make a donation


To make a donation, just add unit items to your shopping cart and edit the quantity to adjust to the value you wish to donate.

Note that a 1.4% commission charge is deducted by PayPal so if you donate £20.00, Paypal will deduct 28 pence and the net donation to the club will be £19.72.

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