Right up there with ‘Where Eagles Dare’, beer and crisps!

Posted on June 21, 2015 12:00 am

Right up there with ‘Where Eagles Dare’, beer and crisps!

‘How much do you weigh??’ shouted Robert. It was an accusation, not a question. The thing about being on a small dinghy pounding headlong into a force six is that there are limited opportunities to flounce off in an offended huff, you just have to focus on the tasks in hand and chalk it up in your Christmas card list.

This was my first time ‘on the wire’, (that is to say trapeze, rather than a Goldie Hawn storyline), and the effect of swinging ninety kilos out from the masthead was proving a revelation, to me as well as Robert. I am absolutely certain that had we had consistent winds rather than the violent gusts of Sunday, we would have managed much better than last place in the only race to be completed.

Anthony in his Phantom was revealing his understated proficiency by remaining upright; although we have no official record of his thoughts when screaming downwind towards the dam wall and wondering if the gust might just relent in time to allow a turn. Also remaining upright in the morning was chief training instructor James, with his young son George manning the jib sheets of their Pico.

After loosing count of capsizes (I was wearing boots!) muscles were screaming for mercy and my digestive system was flooded with un-purified water. We did finish the course and even managed gybes under spinnaker, so quite proud really. I need to work on either upper body strength, or lower body weight!

A self-conscious lunch of low fat yoghurt and Rivita preceded a change-around, with Paul and Imogen abandoning safety boat duty to the other Paul and me in favour of excitement.

Not really the conditions to try a Vago for the first time especially when no-one has shown you how to harden up the rig, so after a couple of dunkings, Imogen and Anthony sensibly called it a day.

Commodore Paul flew his laser over, on, and under the waves while James and Robert in Pico’s did the same but with a smaller sail. A fab Sunday, right up there with ‘Where Eagles Dare’, beer and crisps. And now I need Anadin.

Chris Dauber