Scary Monsters greet unwary visitors at TDSWC

Posted on October 28, 2019 8:56 am

Scary Monsters greet unwary visitors at TDSWC

A bright, sunny, but cold and windy day saw a collection of scary monsters both young and old assemble at the clubhouse.

Despite a spooky disembodied voice and screams, even those of faintest heart were brave enough to enter the building, squeezing past the skeleton behind the door. Inside a huge black spider and (friendly?) ghost were waiting to give the unwary a scare.

Before long the tables were all decorated with splendidly carved pumpkins, whilst bones rattled, eyeless skulls ‘looked’ on and of course the wind rattled the roof tiles.

Although the strong gusty wind put paid to any idea of sailing, it was not long before everyone was having a go at tossing the broomstick.

This was made difficult by the north westerly gale, and the muggles present all agreed that actually riding a broomstick must be very difficult.

After a number of games Imogen, shrouded in smoke and steam, had the fire pit and tripod set up for a witches brew of a BBQ.

Suitably refreshed, the scariest monsters, best pumpkins and best dressed boats were judged. It was generally felt that the Commodore was the scariest judge!

Despite the lack of sailing everyone had a good time, though some may leave the light on when they go to bed tonight.

A big thank you to all the scary helpers who made the event possible.

Richard Hewitt
Head Ghoul