Shorts and t-shirts? – dream on!

Posted on May 28, 2018 3:56 pm

Shorts and t-shirts? – dream on!

After waxing about how perfect the sailing year has started, Sunday delivered a sharp reminder that reservoirs over 1,000 feet in the hills are occasionally less than hospitable to a 10 square metre sail.

Not so much a ‘Beast from the east’, but definitely an animal from Archangel, with huge gusts over the dam wall inverting every boat at some point in the day.

Everyone that is, except young Izzy, whose nonchalance in a reefed Oppie planted green pixels when I failed to keep her mother dry on our maiden foray in the Vago. You know it’s windy when the handkerchief that constitutes the jib of a Vago is enough to get you wet. And cold.

Arrogance had me In shorts and t-shirt for the morning, but three swims brought on a wardrobe shuffle at lunchtime.

We managed four races, at least one of which we were disqualified from because nobody told us the course had changed. However, by race four, my crew of Libby and Ian had sussed a few self-preservation techniques, bringing the Bahia back from the edge more than once, and crossing the line first, ahead of both Miracles.

Now that’s a good result for me and brilliant for the two novices. If they don’t find another reason to disqualify us!

Congratulations to Septuagenarians Keith and John, taking the Regatta cup again, but even they swam once.

A short playtime after racing saw Adam practising trapeze skills in a blow. He also learnt why his mother recommended a wetsuit after the adjustable trapeze slipped, dragging him waist deep through the chiller while I rolled around the back of the boat. Trying to keep us vertical, not in mirth, obviously.

Wednesday sailing starts this week.

Not sure how much more sun I can take!