Staindrop Cubs turn out in force

Posted on May 29, 2017 8:28 am

Staindrop Cubs turn out in force

Staindrop cubs visited us on Wednesday. Unlike previous years, where a ride on the boat and a lolly were all that was required for the badge, this year Imogen concocted a strict education programme that Wackford Squeers could have embraced.

None of the luxuries of a mini cruise on a fully staffed Bahia. ‘’You’re on your own in an Oppie in ten minutes, so pay attention!’’

22 eager children were split into two groups – the ‘wets’ and the ‘dries’, retired teacher John playing Debbie Magee to Imogen’s Paul Daniels, while Tony & Paul whipped the ‘wets’ into shape.

The results were truly magic, with sortie after sortie heading out from the shore and……….returning unaided!!

In fact everything was going so well that other John and I took the Vago out for a spin. Thinking that such a warm evening couldn’t get any better, shorts and tee shirts were de-rigour. Except that when the sail washing ceremony started, I was up the mast doing an impersonation of Roy Scheider in the closing minutes of ‘Jaws’. The water heats up slowly at Grassholme.

Sunday was officially the Club Regatta, but high winds and bruising gusts kept the fleet to a minimum.

Keith was so confident of retaining the cup, he didn’t even bother to take it down and polish it.

Newcomer Allan had a baptism of fire, or to put it another way, three baptisms of water, first in Paul’s GP and then a couple more in the super-stable Bahia.

That’s how hard it was, with the wind perfecting pincer assaults from the West and East and then storming in from the North. It was a glorious sunny day, and my wife says I now look like a tomato.

Next week the dries get wet, but hopefully not too wet.

Chris Dauber