Staindrop Cubs Wednesday 8th July 2015

Posted on July 8, 2015 12:00 am

Staindrop Cubs Wednesday 8th July 2015

This year has presented lots of challenges, but could twenty-four excitable children aged 8-10 be one challenge too many? Of course not! Unfazed club members this week turned out in force to host Staindrop Cubs, who had asked if we would help them get a badge for sailing.

The forecast for Wednesday evening had been touch and go, and a short wet squall when rigging the boats did nothing to improve our confidence. However, by the time Imogen led the colourfully kitted out pack down to the water, (doing a very passable imitation of the Pied Piper), the sun had returned and all was well.

Because the winds were still a bit temperamental, we opted to put two experienced sailors on each dinghy along with three youngsters. This left a few without a ride, so they were treated to a zap around on the safety boats whilst waiting their turns.

A first sail can be disconcerting for anyone, never mind the very young. The water is deep and black and the boat rolls from side to side upsetting your senses and stimulating primal fears of Titanic proportions (and origins)! Yet, after the initial shock, not one of the Cubs opted out of steering and hanging out by their toes.

We swapped passengers from the powerboats on the water but the winds tailed off to a glorious if not very exciting evening. It is difficult to inspire the chattering young with the finer skills of light winds sailing, they really wanted the waves over the bow.

After an hour or so the skied darkened and an ominous black cloud sparked a rush for shore before anything else sparked onto the eight-meter lightning rod that is a dinghy’s mast. All seemed happy, even if they didn’t capsize.

What a polite bunch, welcome back any time.

Chris Dauber