T-shirts and shorts weather greet sailing Newbies

Posted on June 19, 2017 9:07 am

T-shirts and shorts weather greet sailing Newbies

A record 38 sailors Carpe’d the most perfect Diem on Sunday, more than half being newcomers and what the insurance industry calls ‘returners’.

The forecast was spot on, with Mediterranean temperatures, constant force 3’s with manageable gust, and light that would have sent Monet into raptures.

Tony had warned of several visitors from small to tall and skilled to scared. The practiced mechanics of getting so many newcomers afloat was a pleasure to behold and I confess a guilt trip for seizing my own day while others scurried around with buoyancy aides and boats.

New member Allan (of 3 men in a Bahia fame), took his Topper for a taster and did brilliantly in a dinghy designed, in my opinion, for kids and contortionists. There was not a single capsize all day despite the numbers afloat, even though the prospect of a dousing was truly inviting.

The perfect conditions also allowed me to slay the solo-trapeze demon. If you remember mastering a bicycle, you will have an idea of how satisfying this is. Had I done it at the same time as the bike, rather than half a century later, the staircase might now look less intimidating!

Great to see lapsed sailors returning to the water and bringing their young families to learn a life-skill that, like the bike, they will retain forever. I doubt this can be said of any computer game.

In July and August the club is running Saturday courses to encourage youngsters into sailing. Codenamed F3 Sail Club (Fast, Fun and FREE!), spaces will be limited to the first ten takers, so if you and your children like the idea, visit our website or contact us for details.

Special thanks to the day’s Officers, who didn’t get to enjoy it in quite the same way.