TDSWC A-Team Logistics and Team Building Challenge

Posted on April 11, 2017 1:56 pm

TDSWC A-Team Logistics and Team Building Challenge

Although another glorious morning at Grassholme with near perfect conditions, by the time boats were launched and flags sorted, the wind was driving white horses across the exposed side of the reservoir and sailing full rigs was proving strenuous for even the most experienced racers.

Just moments after giving the five minute warning, boats started to return to shore, some inverted on the end of a tow line!

With racing cancelled, a team building event took place which would have challenged the most adventurous TV reality series – how to get a quarter ton of iron into ten meters of water with enough chain and buoyancy to create a new powerboat mooring.

Take a chunk of Edwardian sanding machine, (redundant from Anthony Nixon Furniture), two canoes, scaffold poles, a pallet and some bailer twine. Mix well with a good helping of nerves, pull the magic knot and stand well back.

The pallet, pivoted perfectly and the ‘chunk’ slid into the deep like a seafarer’s burial.

The satisfying rattle of chain counting out the fathoms was inexplicably satisfying and the head tally of participants at the completion of the method statement was similar to the start. Job done.

The weather for Easter is looking decidedly cooler. At least there will not be the shorts/drysuit quandary in the changing rooms.

TV programme commissioners welcome!

Chris Dauber

Extra sailing day – Easter Saturday so turn up if you can.