TDSWC provide a sailing spectacular for bemused onlookers

Posted on October 8, 2018 11:20 am

TDSWC provide a sailing spectacular for bemused onlookers

‘It’s alright Max, we’re in safe hands now’.

For Ian, reassuring his child in a violent squall, where the primal forces of wind and water claw at your very soul, was an important parental responsibility.

Misjudged as it transpired.

Just a couple of minutes later we were back in the water, the ‘safe hands’ (me) having comprehensively disqualified himself from hero status.

Still, I had a ‘quote of the day’.

With a cold and windy weekend forecast, everyone was delighted with Saturday’s weather for our Middleton Scouts visit.

Cold but light winds and lots of sunshine meant all were able to sail, the girls and boys on the Bahias delighting in hanging off the trapeze wire before hiking out until their hair was wet.

A reassuring and confidence boosting day for learners and the more experienced alike.

Sunday undid much of the good.

With 4s to 7s in the forecast only a handful of sails hit the water before lunch.

Callum and PaulD careering round the course in Lasers, the paired Miracles of Keith and Richard proving how relevant a 60s design still is, and Finn and Max turtling a Feva twice before abandoning ship and hitching a ride on the safety boat.

But, an inverted dinghy is a navigational hazard, and the boys were ordered back into the water.

Only when wind outgunned weight were they granted ballast, the lighter child taking control of the safety-boat while the ballast reluctantly entered the water to recover the dinghy.

Post lunch was wild.

It will be force 10 when the stories are told.

The 3000 was first to go, leaving Fran with a ‘never again’ face, followed by our Bahia which we eventually rolled onto the dam before being recovered in a textbook lee-shore rescue.

Great teamwork and masterful powerboat control by James in serious conditions.

A day to remember, where more than one learnt respect for wind over water.

But it was still fun!


No boat was harmed nor was any child abandoned to nature in the execution of this spectacle.

Episode two scheduled for next Sunday!

Would you believe that all three juniors pictured in last weeks report are in the action picture above.

Rory is hidden in the front of the safety boat wisely giving instrctions and having a laugh at his brother.